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Welcome to NeuroCausal!


An open data sharing and metadata synthesis platform for clinical data

We are working with clinicians, neuroimagers, and software developers to develop an open source platform for the storage, sharing, synthesis and meta-analysis of human clinical data to the service of the clinical and cognitive neuroscience community so that the future of neuropsychology can be transdiagnostic, open, and FAIR.

Following the steps of what enable a similar transition in functional neuroimaging, we are breaking down our over-ambitious goal in two stages: (1) create a meta-analytical platform covering lesion-related data hence allowing causal inferences; (2) a data-sharing platform taylored to clinical needs.

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It's Brainhack Global time!
We are attending BH Donostia, BH Geneva and BH Bay Area

Nov 23th 2022 - Dec 9th 2022,

OHBM hackathon here we come!
We are planning on attending the OHBM hackathon to work on the development of the platform. Our short-term goals can be broken into three steps. First, define which vocabulary we need to enable the mapping lesion-to-symptom;  an ontological problem we are trying to solve merging our clinical expertise with community tools such as the cognitive atlas. Second, get the papers - hitting paywalls has never hurt so much! - and understand the feasibility of it all. Third, dive into the neuroquery code base - as we believe that it is the tool out there closer to what we have in mind (e.g., could we have a version of this that returns only clinically relevant information?)

June 16st 2022 - June 18st 2022,


We're live!
We are launching our website and repository. We know this is going to be a long journey, but you check out how it is going at

April 1st - 2022,

Hello World!
We have been accepted to the 5th cohort of the Open Life Science program! We look forward to learning more about how to build, develop, and mantain an open science project. We have been matched with an amazing mentor, Sara El-Gebali - we couldn't be more excited!

February 1st - 2022,


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doing a meta-analysis?
Enabling syntesis and meta-analysis of neuropsychological data.

Click here to try out our automated meta-analysis of neuropsychological data.

sharing your data?
Enabling neuropsychological data sharing.

Click here to share your neuropsychological data.

searching for data?
Enabling querying of neuropsychological data.

Click here to search our database of neuropsychological data.

Giants' shoulders we stand on

Given the topic X, it produces a brain map predicting where a functional study on that topic is likely report activations.

Given the topic X, it produces a brain map assessing the consistency of the associated functional observations in the literature.

A place to store and share unthresholded statistical maps, parcellations, and atlases from MRI and PET studies.

A project developing knowledge base for cognitive neuroscience - what tasks are we talking about? what cognitive processes?

All the references that we can use.

BIDS phenotypes

New guidelines for phenotypic data in Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)